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Loudspeaker Cable (reference model)

State of perfection knows no compensation and will never settle for less. Out of such dedication and passion we are proud to announce the New Black Pearl Loudspeaker Cable.We perfectly combined and harmonized our cables diameter with its geometry of the conductors by utilizing Ultra Pure OCC. Then we decided to advance the result by maximizing series of air tube layers which then wrapped in premium non-woven fabric to achieve the purest signal transfer without any kind of possible interference.As a result we have a cable which is extremely transparent & accurate, luxurious & revealing in mid-range, unrivaled high frequency with airy details, a holographic sound, three dimensional soundstage with accurate pin point imaging. It produces a sound that is real and pleasurable, music never sounded better before the new black pearl.
It is hard to describe the cables with words, in essence it makes all frequencies to flow effortlessly like no others can replicate within its price point or even beyond. It is a musical liberation to the ears.
Listening is a matter of taste, to experience your own version of musical realism, please contact us for an audition..

- 591 strands in total 10AWG UP-OCC(Ultra-Pure Ohno Continuous Casting) Conductor per channel
– Multisize & Multilayer conductor in 2 different group
– Non woven fabric for extra dampening and protection
– Air tube spacer & suspension
– 21 mm High flexible design allowing easy installation
– Anodized sandblasted aluminum cable stopper
– Cold Forging Tellurium Copper Rhodium Plated Termination
– Carbon shell connectors

Price: RM4000 (2.4m pair)

Vermouth Audio Black Pearl MKII Interconnect(reference model)

The perfect blend of solid core and multi size OCC conductor wrapped in high quality teflon insulation make The Black Pearl MkII one of the most advanced and complex cables we have ever produced to date, perfecting the already sensational old Black Pearl. We decided to go to basic, by having the main material right. Both types of conductor that we used are believed to be at their highest grade of purity. This is the best material that we have ever come across so far, and we are privileged to have such opportunity in obtaining such materials. Once the fundamental aspect of a cable is made right, we then incorporated air tubes and cotton filler for electrical and mechanical purposes.

     The perfected Black Pearl, the MkII core strengths materialize in its ability to produce breathtaking mid range frequencies, taking realism of sound to maximum. Recordings are projected as natural and vivid as never before with a soundstage which will thrill your ears and touch your emotion. Music is produced full bodied and soulful, high frequencies are complimented with better extension and control compared to the first generation of Black Pearl line. If I was to sum the MkII and to describe what its best offering is, “it is the ability to make you feel”

* UP-OCC copper(Ultra-Pure Ohno Continuous Casting)
* blend of solid core and multisize
* air tube spacer & suspension
* teflon insulation
* cold forging termination
* Rhodium plated over tellurium copper RCA
* Carbon shell body

Price: RM1600 (1.5m pair)

Vermouth Audio Red Velvet Louspeaker Cable

Vermouth Red Velvet Speaker Cable is development from the phenomenal Vermouth Black Curse Speaker Cable. We are taking the performance of the predecessor Black Curse into another level with a More advanced technology, cable geometry and material. 9AWG Hybrid Multisize UPOCC Conductor with unique geometry are used and with the termination by our latest “Cold Forging” technology, the outcome performance is just simply breathtaking and outstanding.

     Vermouth Red Velvet will carry signals in an extremely accurate manner and bring out the smallest detail in a most astounding holographic way possible. Soundstage, instruments & voices are presented as close as the original recordings. Every little frequencies and details are just in the right place making this cables as a serious contenders for any competitors costing far beyond its price point. Truly a stellar performer!


- 9AWG Hybrid Multisize UPOCC (Ultra-Pure Ohno Continuous Casting) Conductor with unique geometry
- Cold Forging Termination Rhodium Plated Tellurium Banana Plug/Spade
- Air Tube to make spacing between the conductors to eliminate cross talk and absorbing internal vibration
- Noise Rejection Paper Warp & Soft Stranded Cotton to protect cable from interference
- Very Flexible 19mm diameter Cable Jacket

Price: RM2000 (2.4m pair)

Vermouth Audio Red Velvet MKII Interconnect

Red Velvet MkII is the our latest technological advancement in cables form. It may seem simple but the work behind the wire has a very long working hours and drops of sweat to produce. Our first Red Velvet design was a big success, measured by comparing performance to price, one word to describe its life was perhaps “phenomenal”. The second generation we have to admit tough to produce, given the first’s performance we find it hard to improve the already astounding ground, most importantly within the same price bracket. We upgraded the shielding conductor materials to UPOCC for greater signal transfer. Teflon insulation and the multisize UPOCC inner core conductor surrounded by air tube for better electrical parameters. Last but not least, out implementation of flexible outer jacket gives us extra flexibility to fit any tightest space behind your audio equipments. Our Red Velvet MkII cables are using the same premium grade RCA plugs as adopted by the award winning Black Pearl MkII.

     The sound? enough of marketing gimmick. We refuse to give descriptions, as what you might encounter is personal and down to individuals’ perceptions. All we can say, for the price we are proud and confident to say that they will convey music and move your emotion soulfully.

* UP-OCC copper(Ultra-Pure Ohno Continuous Casting)
* multisize conductor
* air tube spacer & suspension
* teflon insulation
* cold forging termination
* Rhodium plated over tellurium copper RCA

Price: RM1020 (1.5m pair RCA)
Price: RM1250 (1.5m pair XLR)


Vermouth Audio – Black Curse Loudspeaker Cable

The Black Curse speaker cable is made from an Ultra Pure OFC multi size conductor with independent Teflon insulation for inner core conductor to ensure the most accurate signal and sound transfer possible. It Utilizes a Hi Grade Flexible PVC Insulation which contains soft stranded cotton for the best cable flexibility and RFI rejection.

     The mid range and highs are exceptionally rich, producing a silky smooth, relaxing and detailed sound. You will surely hear a difference as the cables would bestow you with a deeper controlled low frequencies like you’ve never heard before.
Black Curse are a very powerful, revealing yet natural sounding cable. It produces a wide stereo image, holographic depth & superb resolution.

     Black Curse is one of a kind, astonishing and astounding are simply an understatement. Once you are cursed by the Black Curse Vermouth line, it will be very hard to get out. Get a demonstration from us, see if you are strong enough to withstand the curse and the temptation of this magnificent lines.

Price: RM900 (2.4m pair, Rhodium plated spade/banana)

Vermouth Audio Black Curse Interconnect


Black Curse Interconnect is constructed out of UP-OFC which coated with high purity silver for many benefits (extremely coherent sound, natural mids, soft crystal clear extended high, great bass control + timing, brilliant staging and layering). Insulation is done with double shield FPE and conductive PVC for their damping factor against inner and outer micro vibration.
* terminated with rhodium plated copper RCA head

Price: RM340 (1.5m pair)


terminated with Cardas 3455R IEC & US plug
* will update soon

Price: RM1850 (1.5m US plug)


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