Vermouth Audio – Black Curse Loudspeaker Cable

Vermouth Audio – Black Curse Loudspeaker Cable

The Black Curse speaker cable is made from an Ultra Pure OFC multi size conductor with independent Teflon insulation for inner core conductor to ensure the most accurate signal and sound transfer possible. It Utilizes a Hi Grade Flexible PVC Insulation which contains soft stranded cotton for the best cable flexibility and RFI rejection.

     The mid range and highs are exceptionally rich, producing a silky smooth, relaxing and detailed sound. You will surely hear a difference as the cables would bestow you with a deeper controlled low frequencies like you’ve never heard before.
Black Curse are a very powerful, revealing yet natural sounding cable. It produces a wide stereo image, holographic depth & superb resolution.

     Black Curse is one of a kind, astonishing and astounding are simply an understatement. Once you are cursed by the Black Curse Vermouth line, it will be very hard to get out. Get a demonstration from us, see if you are strong enough to withstand the curse and the temptation of this magnificent lines.

Price: RM900 (2.4m pair, Rhodium plated spade/banana)

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