Magnet Janus Reference One’s Dual Mono Preamp


Magnet Janus Reference One’s Dual Mono 5687 Tungsol Preamp
Truly Balanced Luxurious Listening Experience

The Janus Reference One is truly dual monaural, fully balanced and pure tube in pure Class A operation, extremely low noise, with high intrinsic linearity that provides a performance of exquisite vacuum tube in terms of transparency, ambience, harmonics and refinement.

High grade selected components, balanced mode operation on balanced circuit layout, result in lower noise and therefore a cleaner signal. And with our craftsmanship of the highest level you get the most appropriate compliments to the sound of The Janus Reference One.

The Janus Reference One with true dual monaural features completely independent left and right channel operation, outfitted with oversized toroidal transformers and dedicated stabilized power supplies.

The Janus Reference ONE is packaged in an artistically refined massive chassis constructed of 4.5 mm thick aluminum. This rigid aluminum chassis ensures total freedom from typical coloration problems caused by vibration and current-induced hysteresis distortion. The chassis features a brushed anodized finish which preserves the natural beauty of the aluminum while providing a distinctive appearance that blend elegantly with interior décor.

Finally, The Janus Reference ONE is flexibility that is provided for with 3RCA and 3 Balanced XLR input pairs and full inferred remote controlled functions over volume, mute, input selection and turn ON-OFF.

echnical Specification Top
 Configuration Dual Monaural Truly Balanced Vacuum Tube Line Amplifer
 Signal gain 9.0 dB
 Frequency response 20Hz-50kHz +/- 0.1dB
 ฺBandwidth 0.5Hz-300kHz (-3dB)
 Total harmonic distortion THD+Noise Better Than 0.05% @ 1.0Vrms OUTPUT
 Signal to noise Ratio Better Than -72dB @ 20kHz
 Channel Seperation Better Than -94dB @ 1kHz or -91dB @ 20kHz
 Input Impedance 1Mega Ohm Unbalanced / 2Mega Ohm Balanced
 Input Sensitivity 20mV @ 1.0Vrms OUTPUT
 Maximun signal voltage output 9.0 Vrms
 Remote Trigger Input 3-30V AC/DC 15mA +/- 5mA
 Remote Trigger Output 12 Vdc 100mA

Price: RM13,800


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