Magnet Audio

Audio is a technical art form of balancing opposing and often contradicting
ideals ad requirement. Most of us want smooth "airy" highs, yet must have
texture and bite when the music demands it. Mids should sound robust,
honeyed yet vocals have to be to scale. Bass must dive deep, yet remain
taut and supple for most string instruments of the lower octave.

There are those who demand tonal colour yet wish for certain degree of
accuracy. Then there are those who wish for a walk thru sound staging and
imaging, i.e. "you are there" effect. Some like their music dynamic and
snappy. Others prefer a more romantic flow of precedence. Only the Magnet
electronics can nearly  fulfill all these paradoxical requirements. I said
"nearly" only because nothing is perfect, but the Magnet certainly comes
pretty close, at any price!

Power Amp
Magnet Hyperion Reference one’s 250watt Class AB dual mono
Magnet MA-400s 200watt Class AB
Magnet MA-320 Phenix’s 160watt Class AB
Magnet SM-01s 120watt Class AB
Magnet MA-8A’s 100watt Class AB dual monaural


Magnet Janus-s 5687 NOS tube dual mono
Magnet Cygnus-s solid state dual mono
Magnet PV-11A’s Pure Class A Vacuum Tube Linestage

Power Conditioner/voltage-regulator/isolation
Magnet IRG-2000s balanced isolation & voltage regulator (12 X AC US power outlet)
Magnet IRG-600s balanced isolation & voltage regulator ( 8 X AC US power outlet)
Magnet Isoclean 1000s isolation transformer ( 10 X AC US power outlet)
Magnet Isoclean 500s isolation traansformer (  4 X AC US power outlet)
Magnet PS-8SE passive isolation ( 8 X AC US power outlet)

Magnet CD-12s PCM1795

Integrated amp
Magnet SA-01′s

Home theater – Power amp
Magnet Medusa-s Ultra Resolution HT amp 200watt 8ohm X 7 ch Class AB (on all channel)
Magnet HDA-5100s 100watt 8ohm X 5ch Class AB (on all channel)
Magnet HDA-3120s 120watt 8ohm X 3ch Tri-mono Class AB (on all channel)

Images from Magnet Technology Corporation

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