Arpeggio Loudspeaker

Model: Pensato


Model: Pensato
Design: WMT – 3 way
Drivers : 1″ sonolex precoated lightweight dome tweeter, 4″ paper coated cone midrange, 8″ nextel paper coated woofer
Frequency response : 38hz – 30khz (+/- 3db)
Impedance : 6 ohm
Sensitivity(db/2.83V/1m) : 89db
Box alignment : woofer (ported) midrange (sealed)
Dimension: 590mm (H) X 340mm (W) X 400mm (D) – not including plinth & spike
Weight : 36kg each
Finish : walnut matte, other more exotic finishes are available upon request ( high gloss black or any other color, teak, rosewood n etc – additional surcharge)

Braced structured with sandwich panel total thickness of 33mm. Uses 2 different substrate for sandwich panel to dampen 2 frequency point. Cabinet is near inert structure. Dampening material uses high quality 75% sheep’s wool 25% polyester.

Passive – High precision quality parts
Capacitor : Paper in oil capacitor as opposed to polypropylene caps. Beautiful vocal ‘midrange’ with analog presentation
Inductors : Flat copper foil soak in wax as opposed to conventional air core. Gives a natural harmonics and much better separation
Resistors : mundorf MResist supreme as opposed to conventional metal oxide and cement resistors. Found them to be the most transparent and not grainy sounding
Wiring : Van den hul cable. Point to point soldering for the highest fidelity sounding as opposed to conventional using PCB board

List Price: RM22,000 (stand optional)

* Specifications subject to change consistent with our policy of continued improvement.

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