About Us

Hifi-Creations is about your satisfactory musical relationship with me, Victor Pheh. I am truly an artisan, with an eye(or shall we say ear?) for perfection, when it comes to audio reproduction. Not the sort of technical over perfection(ooh… so common these days), mind you, but rather more about how music should connect with your heart, mind & soul, all in a single spine tingling and goose bump inducing moment. If you experience that “moment” every now and then from listening to your audio equipment, I would consider it a small but considerable personal success on my part. My brand selection is not based on profitability margins, or sales driven glossy, shiny product, but rather how much they move and excite me(and to some extend you) to a certain manner. In short, if life’s too boring for the perfect hifi, then come over to Hifi-Creations and rediscover the passion in your music, like never before!

Yours Trully,
Victor Pheh
CEO of Hifi-Creations.

Manufacturer of Arpeggio Loudspeaker
Distributor of Magnet (thailand), Skogrand cables (norway), DEQX (australia)
Custom built – quadratic residue diffusor 1D & 2D

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